About us

Tribe is an independent, urban, lifestyle retailer. Our goal is simply to create an inviting, honest and progressive store environment, housing a selection of surf, skate and street brands from around the globe. Our umbrella of brands covers Carhartt, Quiksilver, Roxy, Vans, DC, Element, Billabong, Ripcurl, Hurley, Wesc, Obey, Oakley, Etnies, Brooks, Converse Hoff, Globe, Penny, and Footwear.

Why Tribe? Our name comes from our ethos of creating a "tribe" or sense of belonging through our clothing brands we offer. We wanted to be more than another clothes store, we believed in the surf and skate movement that was sweeping the globe and the idea that what you wear reflects the lifestyle you want to create.

Tribe first opened its doors in 1992, an Irish owned and family run company with a simple mandate: to bring the sunny, Californian, surf lifestyle to Dublin, or at least the desired clothing to enjoy that lifestyle! We were at the heart of the evolution of the lifestyle dressing trend. Comfortable, Durable, Culture driven clothes from the developing global surf brands. We were always skaters at heart and offered a strong story of core skate shoes from major brands including Vans, Etnies, Converse from day one, and classics like Emerica, Duffs, Gravis and Globe. We have always catered for Men and Women in our stores.

As the surfwear market began to explode throughout Europe, Quiksilver quickly became our No.1 brand. It proved so popular that we opened the first Quiksilver Boardriders store in Dublin in 2007.

Tribe has weathered the storm of economic ups and downs over the years and we are happy to say we are still going strong in 2015. We are the only Independent Retailer of our kind in Dublin today! We have strengthened our ties with all major surf and skate brands and work closely with these brands to provide the coolest, up-to-date trends for our customers in Dublin and beyond.

As time has passed, the Surf scene has remained at the heart of many people's choice in clothing, however we have seen major growth in our customer's love for everything Street, echoed in the spill of Skate into mainstream fashion. Tribe has naturally progressed with this and we now have a multi-store offering the best of both Surf and Skate worlds.

We work tirelessly with our brands to bring you sickest presentations in our stores. Element, Billabong, Oakley and Vans all have a shop-in-shop setup in our Ground floor store in Stephen's Green, and we offer exclusivity on lots of products in Dublin.

We are a hardware retailer for skateboards and accessories also. The premium retailer of Penny Classic Skateboards in Dublin. We offer a wide range of decks, completes, cruisers and longboards from Jart, Globe, Prohibition, Dstreet and more.

Carhartt has always been at the core of our offering and as demand has grown for the brand, so has our commitment to it. In the summer of 2014, Carhartt Work in Progress, installed a brand new concept store within our first floor store in Stephen's Green. We stock Carhartt's full collection instore season on season and are the largest stockists of Carhartt WIP in Ireland.

Our love of trainers has never wavered and we continue to provide classics from Vans, Etnies, Converse and exclusives from the likes of Brooks, aswell as the most extensive range of Nike SB you can find around!

All of this is made possible by our awesome team and we are one big, unusual adoptive family that brings Tribe to life day on day. Jen has come and gone and returned again over the years to manage our stores and today she brings you all the latest, greatest, on trend clothing, footwear, and accessories, working closely with the brands and jetting off twice a year to buy for each coming season. Kate, her little sister (really) is our Carhartt expert, she manages everything Carhartt period, working to bring you the best product, service and Carhartt experience possible. Ben is our skater, he is the man to go to for the perfect set of wheels, he will grip your board, attach your trucks and wheels, give you free stickers and more tips on skating that you can imagine. Joseph is our baby, but a tech wizard baby he is! He has been instrumental in the development of our new webstore which we launched in 2014. Our website is our key area for development as we want to bring our stores to Tribesters around the globe.